Take Root Georgia communities provide long term supportive housing for Georgia’s homeless population, but our broader intention is to establish a new model that can be adopted nationwide – even globally – by people in every stratum of society.

Small pocket neighborhoods comprised of 5 to 10 tiny house units have shared resources such as recreation areas and food gardens. Each of these pockets is conveniently connected to a larger framework centered around a downtown commons where all community members have access to a broad spectrum of support services and social programs including education, skills training, job placement, art studios, community events, child care, sports leagues, and a farm to table, family style kitchen where healthy meals are always available.

All residents pay a rental fee equal to 1/3 of any income they earn – up to, but not exceeding, the fair rental value of their unit. By providing housing that encourages a balance of interaction and independence, connection as well as autonomy, we help people establish a foundation on which to build a life of self-efficacy bolstered by a sense of security associated with being part of a genuine community.

As part of the development and expansion of these communities, residents are offered on-site employment opportunities ranging from urban farm work to environmentally responsible development and construction to assembly, manufacturing, and design of renewable energy products. All of our resident and non-resident employees earn a livable wage and gain experience in fields that are in high demand.

At Take Root Georgia we understand the nature of the human condition and the need to cultivate connection and foster authentic communities underpinned by compassion, accountability, and gratitude. To live devoid of these crucial elements of existence is to live without hope. Without hope, survival is bleak. No one can be expected to thrive under such conditions.

The underlying objective of every Take Root Georgia community is to renew hope.