A Beautiful Solution

Take Root Georgia is a dynamic personal development accelerator. Enrolling clients who have experienced extended periods of poverty, homelessness, or housing insecurity, we utilize a college campus style model to offer a trifecta of community focused affordable housing, access to a broad array of services, and supportive and inspiring enrichment programs. Our comprehensive system is the first of it’s kind and aims to provide an avenue of transition whereby our clients attain sovereignty and efficacy and are imbued with a renewed sense of passion and purpose. Our goal is to evoke the humble greatness in every person we serve so that they may graduate to a life of stability, fulfillment, and contribution.


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4 thoughts on “ABOUT TRG

    • barbonabike

      Hey Eric!
      Currently we are working on several areas of development. We are applying for fellowships, assembling our board of directors, drafting our bylaws and preparing to apply for 501c3, creating our 5 year business plan, seeking partnerships and sponsorships, designing our fundraising strategy, and – of course – continuing to do research so we can have the greatest impact in the most sustainable way. Thank you for asking!


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