Heating Up for Summer!

Hey TRGers!

The summer is just about here and we’re plugging away! The board of directors is coming together, and as soon as we solidify the line-up we’ll put our official documents together and get on the 501c3 train.  Some exciting things are coming up. I connected with startup rockstar who works with the GA Tech flashpoint program as well as his own incubator and he has agreed to meet with me for a mentoring session. I don’t know what to expect, but I know it’ll be amazing! He’s got THE STUFF. I’ve also been  coordinating with some local leaders and organizations to put together a Homelessness Hackathon where we would bring leaders, citizens, government officials, affected parties, and organizations together to “hack” homelessness and come up with innovative solutions and plans to execute them. The location hasn’t been finalized, but it will most likely take place at General Assembly in Ponce City Market or at The Center for Civic Innovation.

Next up on the schedule is our first major meetup and it’s going to RAWK! TRG is hosting the first of what we hope will be a once monthly Sunday Funday event. The locations will probably vary, but this go round we’ll be sprawling out in the field behind Park Tavern in Piedmont Park. You can find the event info on Facebook under TRG Presents Sunday Funday at Piedmont Park. The objective for this first meet up is for everyone to get to know each other and have a fun relaxed Sunday in the park while raising awareness of the homelessness crisis, introducing the organization and our goals, and generally sparking a city-wide conversation around homelessness. We will have information available as well as a donation box to collect additional startup funds. It would be great if we could find someone to sponsor or donate refreshments, so if you have any leads or would like to contribute, send me a message!

In the weeks following this initial event, we’ll be getting down to business with a focus on board development and 501c3 application, after which we will be able to move into high gear with fundraising. At that point we’ll need you! Once we start our major fundraising campaign we’ll need to spread the word far and wide and expand our network of support exponentially. We’ll be able to start applying for grants at that point, but it’s a lot easier to get those grants if we can show that we already have a good start on the fundraising front.

If you’re getting these updates, it means that you have contributed to TRG already – either financially or with effort and interest. For that, I thank you. Let’s keep this thing going strong. We can be the change.

All the best,

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